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.: 2019 – – Just porting-over the end of the Oumuamua post – so I can keep abreast of Trump’s ongoing overt insanity. Regular readers will KNOW that I predicted Trump’s election win, and over a year in advance! I did similar with the UK EU vote too. Results that the MSM said were unlikely, or nigh-on impossible.

Those Who Can See: Governments Are Us – 1) Hispanics: Dangerous passivity Barely a blip on the radar fifty years ago (when they were first included as a category on the U.S. census), Hispanics are today the largest minority group in the country at 17%.

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.: Trumpstein – Stooge of Satanic Zionist Israel – Re. – I honestly believe that the US public were MSM "primed" and "propagandised" prior to, during the event, and afterwards too, and as I’ve regularly described and demonstrated over the years. Since 2001, I’ve had to watch as the USA/Israel have made mincemeat out of literally the entire Middle East.

Summary Judgments – Each state is given a number of Electors equal to the number of that state’s Congressmen and Senators, with the District of Columbia being allocated three electors for purposes of presidential elections, for a grand total of 538. In order to be elected President or Vice President, a candidate must receive a majority of at least 270 votes.

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Can the Left adapt to the Trump era? Watch their climate. –  · 37 electors are unlikely to change their vote to Hillary. She’s out of the picture. The major effort to sway the electors has been asking them to shift their vote not to Hillary, but to anyone other than Trump. If Trump gets fewer than 270 votes, then the Republican controlled US House of Representatives decides the winner.

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